I have made a python script that convert maps ice file to juice file for those maps that massive have done, all to make it possibly for us to change game mode the original maps. I have made it so that it only works on massive maps, if you want to use a custom-made map just ask the creator :) A bonus is that the map can be open in wiced with a little work.

The thread in the mod forum

Seattle1 in wiced

Seattle2 in wiced

To open a map in wice:

1.) Extract all maps from the sdf files or just the one you want to open in wiced.

2.) Make sure you anhMapIceToJuice or anhAllMapsIceToJuice with "True" as a argument, that will create a _SinglePlayerData.juice and a _CinematicsData.juice that wiced will be needing.

3. ) Then copy a metadata folder from a map you have made and rename the _wiced_metadata.juice so its starts with the map name. A tip is to take a metadata folder from an as simple map as possibly so it doesn’t @#$%& up everything :)

Then you should be able to have the map up and running in wiced. However, remember that we do not have all the source file to the maps so there are something that don’t work.
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